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Saturday 16 may 2009

Lancelot is going to be a grandfather once more!

Ma Petit Ours Neiges Quick-Nick-Konaa (called: Quando) has made the bitch Selectycon  Sultane Salome Sheyba  pregnant on 14-03 -2009. According to the vet she will be expecting just one pup which will be born around may 16th

Saturday 25 april 2009

Quando became a father once more! Click here for the pictures

Sunday 25 december 2005

It was truly a 'White Christmasday'  for Selectycon: Four beautiful snowwhite pups were born, two male, two female, mother Symphony and father Higgens...

Sunday 13 march

Higgens and Rishona became seven pups!

The 'fabulous seven' of Higgens and Rishona

Monday 25-08-2003

A new page for Selectycon Lord Lancelot Loverboy has been added to the site. 
Click here to visit this page directly...

Saturday 23-08-2003

The show in Germany was a great success. The dogs came home with many beautifull tropheys!

Friday 27-06-2003

New photos from Symphony and Higgens litter were added to the site. 
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Monday 12-05-2003

It is with great joy that kennel Selectycon announces the birth of four beautifull white Coton-pups from father Selectycon Heartbreaker Higgens and mother Symphony. The three bitches, te male and mother Symphony are doing fine. 

The birth announcement card

Monday 25-11-2002

Higgins and his beautiful Italian bride Myosotis became five shiny white pups! 
Click here for the photo's!

Sunday 22-09-2002

Sunday 22th september  Higgens became Dutch champion on the 'Champions clubmatch 2002 of the Dutch Pekingees-en Dwergspanielclub in Wijchen (The Netherlands).

Sunday 11-08-2002

In Wesel (Germany)  Selectycon Heartbreaker Higgens  became best male-dog in the open class. Furthermore he became best in breed and  Niederrheinsieger 2002.

Symphonie became best bitch in the Youthclass, best youthdog and  Niederrheinsiegerin 2002. 

A rich harvest of six huge cups and a souvenir in a beautifull box.

Selectycon Heartbreaker Higgens was showed by mister Henk Bonneveld.

Symphonie  shows the cups won  in Wesel (Germany)


17 juli 2002

A guestbook is added to this site.