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Coton de Tulear

Higgens 1 in breaders class


Hello, let me introduce myself to you. I `m Emma Birkhoff-Nagelhout and I'm Breeding under the name "Selectycon"since 1991 Coton de Tulear.

 Mij goal is the breed a good looking healthy Coton with the right blood lines. I have searched for them both in the Netherlands as in foreign countries.

This way of breeding had good results. Puppies from my home have got their Intenational championship in Europa and Amerika.The 

Cotons are born in the bedroom and when they open their eys they are moved to the livingroom to meet the adult Cotons. 

They are well socialised with people and know how to have as a real Coton Coton de Tulear are sweet, lovely, sociable dogs who can get along very well with other animals and children.

They are intelligent and have a will to please so they are very learnable and can easely go to a dog school to participate in obedience or Fly-ball… 

They are nice dogs to work with.

Reserve champion in the breaders class Florida United States of America

2000 Beste van het ras in Noorwegen zijn naam is Selectycon Hollywood Halley
You don't have to go to a dog beauty salon to let them trim but they need a proper fur care. Coton don't shed their old hair so their fur must be brushed to get this dead hair out and keep their fur healthy and good condition.

I go to dogshows at this moment with my own bred male dog Selectycon Haertbreaker Higgens He is one title away from his championship title.

I recently own a little female coton from France.
She has the beautifull name SYMPHONIE

On the dogshow in Germany, May the fifth 2002 in Dortmund, she became in the pup class best female, best Best of breed and last but not least…. Best in Show she was eigt months old at that time.
Besides her very promising appearance she has a lovely soft,and playfull personality.