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History of the Coton de Tulear

They still like to be outdoors...

The Island of Madagascar is the original home of the Coton de Tulear and than more specific the port town Tulear. How the breed could arise will always remain a mystery. But we assume that in the 16 th century on merchantships little Bichon-type dogs where brought on board to clean the ships of rats and amuse the sailors.
During their journey. Sometimes a ship got wrecked near the shore of Madagascar. The dogs where able to swim or float on their thick coats to the coast. Gradually through mixing with local dogs there arised a totally new breed. They lived in the wild and took care for themselves. 

Cotons are brave, energetic, cheerful and playful. They are healthy, strong little dogs 


On madagascar the meanly white, longhaired dogs began to attract attention from the local people and they tried to catch them. 

On to this day the most striking feature is the Cotons fur: Long coton blossom like texture, mostly white, beige or grey spots are allowed on ears and the rest of the body as long as it doesn't disturb the image of a white dog. 


Napoleon shows what a Coton can look like
ôNaraya: a picture of dog, don't you think?
When the Cotons where finally taken captive, only the royal Family was allowed to keep them. The Coton became the title of Royal dog of Madagascar. Outside his motherland France had the privilege to obtain the first Coton de Tulears becuase of the colonization of Madagascar. In 1971 the F.C.I. registered them in the same breed category as the other Bichons: the little company dogs.

This is a brief history of the Coton de Tulear. Next I will introduce my dogs to you.